first shots

Alexis and Julien went in the studio today, doing drums settings, drums sound design, and recording first drums tracks.

It might take some time to get through it, because of our heavy individual schedules, but the second Void Paradigm album is officialy on its way.


Second Void

After a few delays, the new Alexis’ studio is ready at last.

As all the new material is written for the second album, drums recording sessions should begin very soon.

Polish Void

Void Paradigm has been broadcasted on Polish Radio 27.05.2013.

W każdy poniedziałek 20:00 – 22:30
Contact :

Radio show compare by Eryk (Old Temple) and Sabesthor (Rex Diaboli) showing the uncompromising face of independent worldwide metal scene. Over two hours of black / death / thrash metal sound lash your ears.

To download :


Also, great review on Nocturnal Battle of Chariots

Interviews and reviews

French readers will be able to read our first interview and a review of the album in IN EXTREMIS fanzine #51.






















Another great French review on Violent Solutions webzine :

« Le Black avant-gardiste de VOID PARADIGM convainc sans peine, malgré des premières écoutes difficiles, cet album nécessitant un minimum d’immersion. Mais il est facile de se laisser embrigader par ces dissonances lancinantes et se plonger dans l’ambiance sombre et complexe »

The avant-garde black metal of Void Paradigm is easily convincing, despite a quite difficult first hearing, this album demanding an effort of immersion. But one let willfully indoctrinate by these haunting dissonances and dive in this dark and complex ambiance


And two english reviews

Brutalism :

« altogether these tracks make a fun collection that avoids tradition and mixes things up a bit […] they will achieve a high level of interest among those who like Black Metal in general. »

Full Metal Attorney :

« At their best, Void Paradigm play some absolutely entrancing black metal that’s experimental and catchy. »


Read the full stuff here : press


VP review in Hard Rock Mag #43













Born this autumn without big announcement, here comes a first album made in France which has already catched the attention of metal press over the world. As a matter of fact, we have to mention that the three Void Paradigm genitors are not beginers : Jonathan Théry for the voice (Ataraxie, Funeralium, Bethlehem, ex-Hyadningar…), Alexis Damien on drums (Pin-Up Went Down, Orenda, ex-Wormfood), and the strings of the eclectic Julien Payan (Mhönos, Yuck, Anakrousis, ex-Hyadningar…), no less than that.

This prolific trio delivers what they call a “dodecatonic” black metal, after the name of the dodecatonic scale. If a strong knowledge in musicology has been used for the making of Void Paradigm, don’t be afraid : it’s not necessary to read dozen of music studies to enjoy the six tracks of this intelligent but never boring black metal. By the complexity of its labyrinthic structures, the various styles of riffs, rythms, and atmospheres, sometimes almost epic and fueled with anger, sometimes desolated and ambient, this avant-garde black opus with its subtle brutality reveals itself as attractive as the basics of Black Metal with which it feeds with intelligence.

The proof lies in the two “hits” “Fighting the silence” and “Symmetrichaos”, already heard 666 times each. Technicaly speaking, the album is very strong (guitar lovers will especially be delighted), and the hoarse and powerful voice, haunted and chanting beautiful nihilistic lyrics, guides us through this hypnotic 53 minutes journey made out of delightful darkness which ask for repeatition ad libitum, ad nihilum… Maybe some will find the production a little raw, but it works with the songs in a very good way. Let’s mention the quality and originality of the graphic work of Héloïse Laugier, which black and white geometric abstraction fits perfectly to the unique music of Void Paradigm. A black sun to follow for sure… 

Caroline Delavault


spreading the Void : more reviews / more distro

New reviews have been added in the press section.

« Complex and severe, this album doesn’t sound like anything known »

Childeric Thor


« complex, weird and disturbing atmospheres, […] the album shows an impressive thirst for experimenting on new territories. »



The album is also available worlwide through great distro/labels : Music Fear Satan (France), Misanthropic Art Productions (Korea), Solitude Productions (Russia), Aquarius Records (USA), The Omega Order (USA)…


Soon : interview in French fanzine In Extremis, review in UK Magazine Terrorizer #230, review in French magazine Hard Rock Mag #43…

New track online / first reviews

Total Rust Music has just uploaded the song « Symmetrichaos ».


Great reviews start to appear. We’ll try to add them regularly in the « press » section

« The band’s song structure and creativity excite me in such a way that I find myself wanting to click on the repeat button as soon as this album has finished »

Luke Hayhurst – Destructive Music